Twenty Accredited Sexology Courses to fast-track your Sexual Health Training

CPD Accredited with the HPCSA by SAMA

Are you a health care provider noticing gaps in your training around sexuality?

You’re not alone and we have a solution for you!

  • My Sexual Health created the Sexology Starter Pack for health care providers who had too little Sexual Health Training, but would like to be “Credible Sexual Health Providers.”

  • If you have the time and money to earn a degree in Sexual Health, go for it! But, if you need to gain practical knowledge, that you can start applying immediately, on the run, at an affordable rate, without leaving your home, the Sexology Starter Pack is for you!

  • You can read the journals and attend the conferences, but this is the place where QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED SEXOLOGISTS will teach you the science and the soft skills of Sexual Health Practice via short, online courses that you can complete at your own pace.

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.



of the Sexology Starter Pack

The Sexology Starter Pack is a Bundle of Courses created to deliver the foundational training you need for your Sexual Health Practice.

Every course in the Sexology Starter Pack, has been accredited for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HCPSA) through the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and can be converted for local CPD accreditation in most countries around the world.

An HCPSA CPD Certificate is issued after the completion of every course.

A Sexology Starter Pack Completion Certificate is issued by My Sexual Health if all the courses and workbooks are completed in two years.

The Sexology Starter Pack will help you meet the entry criteria for COURSE WORK to be a MSH Team Member and is compulsory for MSH Team Membership.

So, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

(You will earn HPCSA accredited CPD points while completing your training!)

  • On enrollment, you'll receive immediate access to all of the content

  • The courses are arranged in modules, comprised of bite-sized video lessons and workbooks

  • The content is available on-demand so you can complete the training and coursework in your own time. That means between appointments, on the way to work, or even in bed!

  • Go at your own pace. You can take up to two years to complete all of the coursework or do it all in a few weeks! You can even consume the content at double speed if you want to!

  • No time-wasting. These courses are full of value, with no fluff guaranteed!

  • There is close to 100 downloads available in these courses. Download and save what you need to refer to again later.

The Sexology Starter Pack includes TWENTY value-packed sexual health courses that will transform the way you support your patient/client’s sexual health needs.

That adds up to over 60 CPD points!

  • The Ethics of Sexual Health Practice (4 Ethical Points)

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity (10 CPD Points)

  • Sex Counselling (4 Counselling Points)

  • Sexual Desire Discrepancies (5 CPD Points)

  • Erectile Dysfunction (5 CPD Points)

  • Sexual Pain (10 CPD Points)

  • Sexual Development (10 CPD Points)

  • Sensate Focus Therapy (6 CPD Points)

  • Gender Affirming Healthcare (6 CPD Points)

  • Orgasms (6 CPD Points)

Hi, I’m Dr Elna Rudolph.

I’m the President of the World Association of Sexual Health, Medical Doctor, Sexologist and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health.

Although sexual health has become the focus of my career, I still remember when I realised I couldn't treat a patient suffering from sexual pain. She couldn't consummate her marriage.

And I had no idea how to treat her.

Neither did any of my almost-graduated colleagues. We only had some basic information. There were no gynaecologists on the team to teach me to find the real reason for her pain. We had no concrete medical solutions.

That realisation triggered the beginning of a journey that took me around the world. I completed a Master's Degree in Sexual Health through the University of Sydney, attended global congresses and even chased doctors down corridors to get my sexual health questions answered!

The investment in time and money to gather this information was enormous, but I was driven by the desire to save sex lives!

My hard-earned knowledge began to transform peoples' sexual health, and my practice was soon overflowing. I knew I'd have to think bigger to reach more people - and that’s where the Sexology Starter Pack comes in.

By providing training to new credible sexual health providers, I can indirectly support even more people to enjoy the sexual health that they deserve.

Are you ready to join the mission? .

Let’s go a bit deeper! Here’s what’s covered in the Sexology Starter Pack course bundle!


  • The Ethics of Sexual Health Practice

    Well-developed Ethical Reasoning Skills are essential for any person offering Sexual Health Services. This course will teach you practical skills to apply in your practice on a daily basis.

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity

    This will help you to increase your understanding of sexual and gender diversity so that you can offer your patients a more affirming and sex-positive service.

  • Sex Counselling

    This course will help you teach your patients about the importance of a healthy sex life, managing expectations and keeping the flame alive in the bedroom.

  • Sexual Desire Discrepancies

    How do you manage Sexual Desire Differences in the therapy room? Let internationally qualified Psychosexual Therapist Catriona Boffard teach you exactly how!

    How I Treat Low Libido

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Is the treatment of erectile dysfunction as simple as prescribing a pill? Sometimes, yes, but most often not. Let Dr Elna Rudolph teach you the eight principles she learned from treating thousands of erectile dysfunction patients.

  • Sexual Pain

    Learn the science and soft skills you need to effectively treat patients with Sexual Pain.

    How to Diagnose Sexual Pain like an Expert - 2 CPD Points

    This Short Course will give you all the tools you need to diagnose sexual pain like an Expert. It includes a copy of the My Sexual Health Superficial Sexual Pain Diagnosis Template both in a one-page PDF as well as a copy-and-paste version.

  • Sexual Development

    When children have this information, and a safe adult to speak to about these topics, they are more likely to report inappropriate contact, or situations that make them feel unsafe soon after the incident.

  • Sensate Focus Therapy

    Learn how Dr Elna Rudolph takes her patients through the Sensate Focus process. This includes training from MSH Supervisors, Dr Eugene Viljoen and Dr Jireh Serfontein.

  • Gender Affirming Healthcare

    Learning about Gender Affirming Healthcare is a process. Yes, there are guidelines and there is a ton of research. But, how do you make it practical? This course will guide you along the way to becoming a better gender affirming healthcare provider.

But that’s not all.

We are so serious about transforming your patients' sex lives that we’re including these amazing bonuses too!


Get used to it, we #overdeliver

  • Case Studies Evaluation

    To get onto the MSH Team, you need to submit TEN case studies in your field of training (medical doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist, etc).
    Included in the Sexology Starter Pack, is the EVALUATION of your TEN Case Studies with an hour feedback session by MSH Clinical Head, Dr Elna Rudolph.
    (Value $500)

  • Workbook Evaluations

    The following courses have Workbooks that are compulsory to complete in order to get the full amount of CPD Points as well as Sexology Starter Pack Completion Certificates.
    Ethics in Sexual Health Practice, Talking to Children About Sex, Binaries and Boxes as well as Orgasm.
    The evaluation of these workbooks are included in the prices.
    (Value $600).

  • Fully editable SEXUAL PAIN note-taking template compiled by Dr Elna Rudolph

    A printable form to help you make the diagnosis, including all the questions we actually ask our patients, organised into sections on one single page for simplicity. An extended Word template that you can modify and integrate into your note-taking system.
    (Value $99)

Total Value of FREE Bonuses: $1199

Yours for free when you sign up for the Sexology Starter Pack!

What you’re getting:

  • The Ethics of Sexual Health Practice (4 Ethical Points)

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity (10 CPD Points)

  • Sex Counselling (4 Counselling Points)

  • Sexual Desire Discrepancies (5 CPD Points)

  • Erectile Dysfunction (5 CPD Points)

  • Sexual Pain (10 CPD Points)

  • Sexual Development (10 CPD Points)

  • Sensate Focus Therapy (6 CPD Points)

  • Gender Affirming Healthcare (6 CPD Points)

    - Evaluation of TEN Case Studies (value 500 USD)
    - Evaluation of 4 Workbooks (value $600)
    - Sexual Pain Diagnosis "One-Pager" Template (value 49 USD)
    - Fully editable note-taking template compiled by Dr Elna Rudolph (value 99 USD)
    - Up to 60 CPD Points (value at least 1865 USD)

Get two years worth of CPD Points in one transaction

Total value = $ 3300 (USD)

You can gain access to all of this for only $890!


  • How long will I have to complete the coursework?

    You will receive immediate access to the content to complete at your own pace. You will have access for two years from your enrollment date.

  • How many workbooks do I need to submit to receive my completion certificate?

    You need to submit four workbooks to receive your completion certificate.

  • If I complete the Sexology Starter Pack training, can I join the MSH Team?

    Completion Certificates are issued by MSH and will meet the acceptance criteria for coursework to join the MSH Team as a junior member.

  • Do I have to have any prior training to do this course?


  • Do I have to be a healthcare provider to do this course?


  • Is this a formal qualification in Sexology?

    No. This is just a compilation of CPD accredited Sexology courses for which you will receive a completion certificate.

  • Is this only for people in certain countries?

    No, not at all. We have people from all over the world joining us on our training.

What's the catch?

It’s no surprise if you feel sceptical… I mean we’re packing in so much value here!

We want to help you to help your patients for the long haul!

The truth is, we want to support you in making a positive impact in the lives of your patients/clients who are struggling with sexual health issues. We want to equip you with the tools you need to accurately diagnose and treat them so they can enjoy happy and healthy sex lives. #savingSEXlives

What do you know about studying sexology?

That it is not is not available in your country through a credible institution? That it is very expensive? That it is only for certain people? That you will need to do a whole degree in order to be a sexual health provider?

Well, if you are anything like me, you will be very happy to know that none of that is actually true!

Imagine if you could become a credible sexual health provider, without doing another degree? If you could come by the knowledge, form the comfort of your own home, in your free time? What if you could be coached and held accountable to study sexology and become a credible sexual health provider?

What would you give to learn the basics of sex counselling? The ethical aspects of Sexology, the ins and outs of gender diversity, the latest on the treatment of low libido, erectile dysfunction and sexual pain? All while you have your feet up at home or driving to work? At double speed if you like? What would you give to receive a completion certificate for such a comprehensive sexual health course, that you can display with confidence to all those thousands of extra patients that you can help with these skills?

I paid such a huge price in terms of money and time, to be able to call myself a sexual health provider today. The reality is that any healthcare provider is a sexual health provider by default – maybe just not a very good one or a very credible one.

I wanted to make it easy and accessible for any healthcare provider to become a credible sexual health provider. The reality is that you cannot just start marketing yourself as one one day, without adequate training.

I cannot provide you with a degree, but I can provide you with CPD accredited courses that will teach you the latest ins and outs of Sexology. The practical stuff that you will use in your practice, on your usual patients, immediately!

Who is this for?

If you are anything like me, you would JUMP at this opportunity.

I did, when I had the opportunity 10 years ago and it cost me R300 000 - about $20 000.00

  • GP's

  • Gynaes

  • Urologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Nurses

  • Sex Educators

Why we created the Sexology Starter Pack:

We are building on the success of the Sexology Training Club (STC)

We realised that for new people to join STC would be hard, unless they have the content of the Starter Pack as a foundation

We started the Sexology Training Club at the beginning of 2021 and it is a tremendous success. The growth of the students enables us to do more advanced training in STC. New students therefore need background and basis training.

The Sexology Starter Pack is a compilation of the 2021 STC. We've added workbooks to ensure the training achieved it's purpose and then one can progress into the STC, which includes live Q&A sessions with the experts and up to date research papers every month.

STC Testimonials

Networking is my favourite part

A place where I find like-minded individuals

The STC has been an invaluable tool for gaining insight into the field of Sexual Health. Whether medical doctor or allied health care professional, the pearls of wisdom are plenty. Dr Rudolph seamlessly presents her own topics with infectious passion, from the basics to in-depth pathophysiology and, of course, always evidence based best practice. The individuals in the STC team show so much passion that each workshop is an immersive and educational journey. One of my personal favourite parts of the training club has been networking with like minded individuals, in Q&A sessions, Webinars and supervision sessions. I'd recommend the STC to anyone wanting to start, or further their career in Sexual Medicine.

More than I expected

Making me a better healthcare provider

I knew that the sexology training club would broaden the limited knowledge regarding sexual health that I gained through medical school but it has given me só much more. The courses are of excellent quality, containing years of experienced information and tips from the best experts in their fields. More information than I can even consume at this stage. More than that is the invaluable opportunity to connect with so many professionals and sexual health enthuasists every month during the sexology training club Q&A. It is a diverse group from whom I am learning so much more than I could have ever imagined, more than just knowledge, but insight into the diversity of sexuality, cultures and perspectives. I truly believe that through the sexology training club I could provide my patients with an extra level of care which I was not capable of before. Thank you for this initiative. I only wish for more time to fully utilise all that the club provides.