Are you a health care provider noticing gaps in your training around sexuality?

You’re not alone and we have a solution for you!

  • My Sexual Health created the Sexology Starter Pack for healthcare providers who had too little Sexual Health Training but would like to be “Credible Sexual Health Providers.”

  • If you have the time and money to earn a degree in Sexual Health, go for it! But, if you need to gain practical knowledge that you can start applying immediately, on the run, at an affordable rate, without leaving your home, the Sexology Starter Pack is for you!

  • You can read the journals and attend the conferences, but this is the place where QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED SEXOLOGISTS will teach you the science and the soft skills of Sexual Health Practice via short, online courses that you can complete at your own pace.

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

So, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

(You will earn HPCSA accredited CPD points while completing your training!)

  • On enrollment, you'll receive immediate access to all of the content

  • The courses are arranged in modules, comprised of bite-sized video lessons and workbooks

  • The content is available on-demand so you can complete the training and coursework in your own time. That means between appointments, on the way to work, or even in bed!

  • Go at your own pace. You can take up to two years to complete all of the coursework or do it all in a few weeks! You can even consume the content at double speed if you want to!

  • No time-wasting. These courses are full of value, with no fluff guaranteed!

  • There are over 100 downloads available in these courses. Download and save what you need to refer to again later.

Here is what is included:

- Asexualities - Chant Malan
- Attachment Theory - Catriona Boffard
- Better Sex for Couples 101 - Dr Elmari Mulder Craig
- Botox for Sexual Pain - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Ethical Non-monogamy - Delene van Dyk
- Follow-up Consultations of Trans and Gender Diverse Clients - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Gender Affirming Care: MSH Consent Template - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Gender Affirming Healthcare - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Genital Autonomy - Dr Brian Earp
- Hormone Implants - Dr Elna Rudolph
- How I Treat Low Libido - Dr Elna Rudolph
- How to Diagnose Sexual Pain Like an Expert - Dr Elna Rudolph
- How to use Vaginal Dilators - Dr Elna Rudolph
- How to have more fun in bed - Lisa Welsh
- Introduction to Sex Therapy - Catriona Boffard
- Love your V - Lisa Welsh
- Orgasms - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Penile Size Dissatisfaction - Hester Pastoor
- PCOS - Prof Jim Pfaus
- Penile Rehabilitation Post Prostatectomy - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Penile Rehabilitation Pre- and Post- Prostatectomy - Helen Shaw
- PGAD - Prof Jim Pfaus
- POIS - Prof Jim Pfaus
- PRP for Sexual Dysfunction - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Psychosexual Blue-Prints - Delene van Dyk
- Sensate Focus - Catriona Boffard
- Sensate Focus - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Sensual Massage Course - Tracey Zinman
- Sexual Pain Intake Interview Case Study - Cecilia Raath
- Sexual Pleasure in Trans and Gender-Diverse Clients - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Sex Therapy for Low Libido - Catriona Boffard
- Sexual & Gender Diversity - Better Understanding of Binaries & Boxes - Delene van Dyk
- Speaking with children about sex - Casey Blake
- The 8 Principles of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Dr Elna Rudolph
- The Ethics of Sexual Health Practice - Dr Elna Rudolph
- Treating Sexual Pain - A Course for Professionals - Dr Elna Rudolph
- What is Kink? - Lisa Welsh
- Working with Asexualities - Chant Malan
- Working with Trauma during a Sexual Health Consultation - Lisa Stuart-Grant
- Plus TEN of our best selling webinars.


of the Sexology Super Starter Pack

The Sexology Starter Pack is a Bundle of Courses created to deliver the foundational training you need for your Sexual Health Practice.

Every course in the Sexology Starter Pack, has been accredited for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HCPSA) through the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and can be converted for local CPD accreditation in most countries around the world.

An HCPSA CPD Certificate is issued after the completion of every course.

A Sexology Starter Pack Completion Certificate is issued by My Sexual Health if all the courses and workbooks are completed in two years. The Sexology Starter Pack will help you meet the entry criteria for COURSE WORK to be a MSH Team Member and is compulsory for MSH Team Membership.