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What is the Sexology Training Club?

The Sexology Training Club is an online platform where you will learn the science and the soft skills of clinical sexology practices.

You will learn from actual experts, all of whom have formal training and many years of experience in their fields of expertise.

The goal of each training session is to teach you hands-on skills with which you can make an immediate difference in you clinical practice.

Dr. Elna Rudolph explains what the club is:

  • The following benefits are included:.

  • Unlimited access to all course material

  • A brand new sexology course will be added to the library EVERY MONTH.

  • Engage with Dr Elna Rudolph or one of the other senior My Sexual Health Team members during a live Q&A online every month.

  • A research update with clinical application every month.

  • 30% off MSH Supervision Sessions and all other MSH Sexology Courses

  • CPD Points for Courses and Research Updates.

  • All Live Webinars are recorded will be accessible to you whenever you want to watch it if you missed the live event.

Sexology Topics for Quarter 1

When you sign up you get immediate access to the six hour course on "Treating Sexual Pain" (worth $197!!)

  • March: The Ethics of Sexology and Sexual Health Practice

  • April: Low Libido

  • May: The basics of Sex Counselling

Topics for Quarter 1

Our first quarter covers topics on ethics in practice, low libido, and the basics of sex therapy, plus a bonus course on treating sexual pain. Learn more below:

Bonus Material: When you sign up you get immediate get access to our six hour standalone course on "Treating Sexual Pain" (worth $197!!)  Read more here

March 2021:
The Ethics of Sexology and Sexual Health Practice.

April 2021:
Low Libido

May 2021:
The basics of Sex Therapy

Sexology Topics for Quarter 2

We only allow enrollment at the beginning of each quarter.

  • June: Sex Education - teaching others how to talk about sex

  • July: Being a LGBTQIA Competent Provider

  • August: Sensate Focus Therapy

Sexology Topics for Quarter 3

Become the expert in your area!

  • September: Sexual Attitude Reassessment Training

  • October: Sexual Pain

  • November: Trans Healthcare

Sexology Topics for Quarter 4

By now your investment in both your tim and money would start paying for itself through the clients you attract and serve well!

  • December: Erectile Dysfunction

  • January: Setting up and Running a Sexology Practice

  • February: Orgasms!

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Who can join our Club?

We focus on equipping Healthcare Providers like medical doctors, psychologists, counsellors, and physiotherapists with the skills to help their patients more effectively. However, since this is not a formal qualification, really anybody is welcome to join!

Learn at your own convenience

Through the My Sexual Health Digital Course Platform we provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Sexology and Sexual Health

  • in a structured manner

  • from the comfort of your own home

  • at your own pace and according to your own interest

  • at an affordable price

This is WHY we want to become better sexual healthcare providers!

From one of our patients with Sexual Pain

Dear Elna & Catriona I would just like to say thank you. For 7 years of my marriage sex was impossible. I consulted 7 gynecologists before I managed to find Elna on the mysexualhealth website. I got told 7 times that I that there was nothing wrong with me. One doctor told me if I can insert a tampon I can insert a penis(big difference between the two!!!). It is daunting to discuss your non existent sex life with a stranger and even more stressfull to go for that first pelvic floor physiotherapy, but it is all worth it in the end. I know I have been a very complicated patient, but I hope you know that I am truly grateful. If I am lucky enough to have a baby girl, I will make sure she receives a healthy sex education, which means you will have had a profound impact on her life as well. So thank you.

• March: The Ethics of Sexology and Sexual Health Practice

we have to understand the do’s and don’ts of Sexual Health Practice in order for you to practice within safe boundaries for yourself and your patients.


Those who joined in Quarter 1

More than I bargained for

The Sexology Training Club Member

So excited! There is so much quality information here, my mind is blown already! Thank you for making this available to me!

Making my dream a reality

The Sexology Training Club Member

“Its been a dream of mine to study Sexology for years. Now I have to opportunity to do this course and gather as much knowledge and information as I can. I am so grateful to have this available to me and cant wait to soak it all in!"


The Sexology Training Club Member

"Best dam thing I have ever signed up for!"

April: Low Libido

Only the most common complaint we get in clinical practice. There are solutions! It is not only “in their head!” Come and learn all about it!

May: The Basics of Sex Therapy

Catriona Boffard, International Sexologist with every qualification you can image, will be teaching you the basics of Sex Therapy.

June: Sex Education

As soon as people realise that you know a thing or two about sex, they are going to ask you how to talk to other people (especially children) about sex. As healthcare providers, we are all sex educators. We need to know more than the general public about it. I have been a Sexologist for ten years and I am looking forward to learning from Casey Blake, the creator of the “Tools for Having the Talk’ series in this month’s course.

July: Being a LGBTQIA+ Competent Provider

If you don’t know what all of those letters stand for: Join the Club immediately! If you know people who identify as LGBTIQIA+, you will realise that they have a need to see healthcare providers who are competent to take care of them. They dont want special treatment, they just want good treatment, like anybody else, from a provider who understands their needs. It’s a must for every healthcare provider!