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What is it?

Practical, relevant, evidence-based sexual health training to transform the way you serve your clients!

Are you…

  • A GP looking for practical applications of evidence-based Clinical Sexology to support the patients in your practice?

  • A psychologist who has always been interested in the realm of sexual health?

  • A physiotherapist who would love to demystify sexual pain for your clients?

  • A sex educator looking for a reliable source of accurate information to supplement your learning?

Would you love…

  • Easy access to CPD accredited training offering practical applications of evidence-based Clinical Sexology?

  • The opportunity to ask your specific questions to world leaders in sexual health?

  • To expand your network of professional and personal connections in the sexual health industry?

  • To increase your sexual health knowledge from the comfort of your home, office or even car - at double speed if you have limited time!

Then The Sexology Training Club is for you!!


I should have joined earlier

Sjoe... Wow, ek het so baie geleer vanaand. Kan amper nie dink dat ek nooit saam kom leer het nie. Ek sien uit na al die volgende leergeleenthede

(Wow, I learnt so much tonight. I can't believe I didn't join in the learning earlier. I look forward to the upcoming learning opportunities.)

The STC provides expert Sexology training for Healthcare Providers & Educators around the world!

Are you ready to join them?

The Sexology Training Club is a 12-month membership programme designed especially for anyone who wants ongoing access to evidence-based, practical sexual health knowledge. Everything is hosted on an online platform where you will be coached in the soft skills of clinical sexology practice.

You will receive practical teachings from credible sexual health providers, all of whom have formal training and many years of experience in their fields of expertise. Each training session will teach you valuable skills that will make an immediate difference in your clinical practice.

Plus, the professional and personal connections you’ll make could transform your career. When I began my journey in this field (over ten years ago), it was virtually impossible to find these kinds of training and networking opportunities! I had to go to extreme lengths to access sexual health information to help me support my patients in this vital area of their lives.

But I wanted to make it easy for you - and that’s why I created the STC!

Join now and get…

  • INSTANT ACCESS TO THE COURSE HUB WITH ALL TRAINING VIDEOS, WORKBOOKS + BONUSES Access to our state-of-the-art online learning platform, packed with courses taught by sexual health experts, is guaranteed to elevate your sexology knowledge.

  • MONTHLY LIVE GROUP CALLS WITH NO QUESTION LEFT UNANSWERED All-Access Q&A Sessions with Dr Elna Rudolph or one of the other senior My Sexual Health Team members. These happen on the last Thursday of every month at 20h00 SAST.

  • NEW CPD ACCREDITED COURSES ADDED EVERY MONTH Receive a brand new CPD Accredited Sexology Course every single month, teaching practical applications of evidence-based clinical Sexology.

  • EXCLUSIVE 30% DISCOUNT ON FURTHER LEARNING Enjoy 30% off MSH Supervision Sessions and all other MSH Sexology Courses.

  • EARN ONGOING CPD POINTS Access at least 4 hours of learning and 4 CPD Points every month - accredited by the South African Medical Association (SAMA) for the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Convertible to International governing bodies.

  • WEBINAR RECORDINGS Missed the live MSH event? Don’t worry! You’ll receive access to all past recordings of the Live MSH Webinars so you can watch on-demand.

Social proof: testimonials

Networking is my favourite part

A place where I find like-minded individuals

The STC has been an invaluable tool for gaining insight into the field of Sexual Health. Whether medical doctor or allied health care professional, the pearls of wisdom are plenty. Dr Rudolph seamlessly presents her own topics with infectious passion, from the basics to in-depth pathophysiology and, of course, always evidence based best practice. The individuals in the STC team show so much passion that each workshop is an immersive and educational journey. One of my personal favourite parts of the training club has been networking with like minded individuals, in Q&A sessions, Webinars and supervision sessions. I'd recommend the STC to anyone wanting to start, or further their career in Sexual Medicine.

Has sexology been a secret passion of yours?

Right now, we have more than 60 active members, enjoying the opportunity to learn from both local and international experts who jumped on board to teach their hard-earned expertise. The community is thriving, and I am so proud to be a part of it.


  • What is Sexology?

    Definition of the World Association for Sexual Health: "The Scientific Study of all aspects of Sexuality."

  • What is a Sexologist?

    A registered professional who has obtained an additional qualification in Sexology/Sexual Health. To see patients/clients, the person must be a registered healthcare provider with recognised training and registration in their country of practice as a counsellor, psychologist, medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

    In most countries, this additional qualification needs to be a Master's Degree or Higher. Sexuality Educators, Researchers, Anthropologists and Sociologists with similar qualifications are in some cases also referred to as Sexologists.

  • Is STC a formal qualification in Sexology?

    No. The STC provides you with CPD accredited Sexology Courses only. The STC gives you additional training in Sexology that can benefit your patients/clients and enhance your job satisfaction.

    You can earn CPD points for all the learning you do in the STC, but you do not obtain a formal qualification. To see clients/patients, you must be registered with your local governing body as a healthcare provider. No Sexology qualification gives you the right to see patients/clients.

    All healthcare providers can include Sexology in their scope of practice if they have adequate knowledge on the subject.

  • I’m not a healthcare provider, can I still join STC?

    Yes! Many Sexuality Educators have joined the STC and find great value in it. Remember, only registered healthcare providers can see patients/clients. It is unethical to present yourself in a misleading way to the public.

  • Can I just study Sexology and become a Sexologist?

    No. You must first hold a primary qualification, which gives you the right to practice. You can then add Sexology as an additional qualification or supplement your knowledge with additional training as we do through the STC.

    No institution/academy can give you a primary qualification in Sexology. You must register as a healthcare provider first.

  • I’m a Physiotherapist. Will I benefit from STC?

    Yes! Half of the My Sexual Health Team members are Pelvic Function Physiotherapists! Pelvic Function Physios find great value in the STC. You spend so much time discussing private and intimate topics with patients - having knowledge of Sexology is critical for you!

  • I run a busy GP practice. Will STC help me to serve my patients better?

    Certainly! Every GP is expected to act as a Sexologist for their patients! You will be asked questions and be expected to know the entire spectrum of Sexual Health - from infections to gender issues, relationship challenges and sexual dysfunction.

    As a GP, you are expected to know it all! The STC is the ideal place to acquire the practice skills you need to effectively advise and treat 95% of your patients. You will also know exactly where to refer the ones you can not help.

  • I am a Urologist. I have a baseline knowledge of sexual health. Do you think the STC will add additional value?

    Absolutely! If you join and find that we are not teaching you new things every month, which you can apply in your practice immediately, ask us for your money back!

  • I am a psychologist with many years of experience. I’ve always been interested in Sexology, but I’m worried that STC will be too focused on the medical aspects.

    We have a multidisciplinary focus at My Sexual Health, and that is what informs the STC.

    The courses offer in-depth knowledge of the medical aspects of sexology, but this is not their only focus. You will learn something to apply in your psychology practice from every single course.

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