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    Ethics in Sexual Medicine

    • Ethics in Sexual Medicine

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    • Ethics in Sexual Medicine

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Summary of the course

The session will present and discuss the foundations of medical ethics in the Western world and its application in the field of sexuality, sexual health and sexual medicine.

- Major foundational documents
- Dimensions of medical ethics : Justice, Non-maleficence / Beneficence, Autonomy, Dignity, Confidentiality
- Applications in Sexual medicine / Sexual health practice Ethical approaches in Medicine and Sexual Medicine, in particular, differs from a moral approach;

- An ethical reflection supposes and encourages analyzing carefully different options for intervention and care and adopt the most respectful and the most beneficent approach for the patient – client;

- An ethical reflection does not take into account the moral and political values of the professional and those of the patient. It is necessary to suspend any moral judgment when making an ethical decision;

- Problems arise when the clinician/practitioner is confronted with situations which are universally recognized as criminal and / or immoral and toxic for the patient and for society. Problems arise also when the clinician faces situations and persons which challenge their personal values;

- In this case it is important to share with other clinicians, supervisors and/or moral authorities the dilemmas related to the situation at stake;

- Distinguish between Foundation universal principles and deontological specific principles related to each profession involved in sexual health : medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, education, etc…

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