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    Special WAS 2021 Feature

    • Special WAS 2021 Feature Webinar


Thank you for giving us tools to use. There is still more that has to be done for sexual education & transgender & gender diversity issues has to be a priority in our country. We need Youth Indaba' s & more engagements where are our youth will attend

Elna and Alain, thank you for your kind words about my work and contributions to sexual health - Beverly Whipple

Just being on this platform tonight is continuing changing my life. Alian thank for adding to my transformation.

Some of the questions asked during the session

  • What exactly is the World Association for Sexual Health?

    The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) is a multidisciplinary, world-wide group of scientific societies, NGO’s and professionals in the field of human sexuality which promotes sexual health throughout the lifespan and through the world by developing, promoting and supporting sexual health rights for all. WAS accomplishes this by advocacy actions, networking, facilitating the exchange of information, ideas and experiences and advancing scientifically based sexuality research, sexuality education and clinical sexology, with a trans-disciplinary approach.

  • What does it mean to be President of WAS?

    The President will be involved with the chairing / organisation of International Networking and Influencing of Policies Worldwide with the assistance of the Several Committees of WAS

  • What happened at the WAS Congress?

    The 2021 World Association of Sexual health brought together over 1,000 clinicians, researchers, educators, social workers and healthcare administrators from across South Africa and around the world to share information, efforts, and best practices around sexual health across the lifespan.

  • Her favourite keynote speeches delivered by world-class speakers

    Sexual Justice Indaba (Putting people together) Sexual Justice (Beyond Sexual Rights) Sexuality, Equality & Gender Transgender Assembly (Nothing about us....without us) Voices of the Youth Pleasure Declaration

  • What happened at the Sexual Justice Indaba?

    Consultation to improve our understanding of Sexual Justice. The long-term aim to produce fully informed Declaration of Sexual Justice and it to be disseminated in order to change policy around the globe. I is directly associated with the possibility of access to information and education, affordable health care, accessibility to health services, the specificity of supply in these services for ALL people, as well as the right to acceptance and respect

  • Why is the WAS Sexual Pleasure Declaration so important?

    In recognition that sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of sexual rights, sexual health, and sexual well-being.

  • How did WAS leave no one behind?

    Through Funding / Scholarships 100 hours education for $100 Students 100 hours education for $70

More about - our experts

Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr Elna Rudolph has been working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine since 2010. She is the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health – the biggest multidisciplinary team of Sexual Health Professionals in South Africa. She has a Higher Diploma in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine through the Colleges of Medicine in South Africa and obtained a Masters in Sexual Health through the University of Sydney, Australia. She became one of the first Fellows of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine – the highest attainable international qualification in Sexual Medicine. She is the President Elect of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and the Regional Secretary for Africa of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) and has served on the Advisory Board of WAS for 7 years. She has published her work in the prestigious International Journal for Sexual Medicine of which she is also a reviewer, written various chapters in textbooks and has been invited to speak at international conference.

Lisa Welsh

Lisa Welsh is an online Sex Educator, she was the Communications Manager for WAS 2021, reporting on the live action and interviewing key players during the Congress.

Alain Giami (PhD)

Alain Giami (PhD) is currently Emeritus Research Professor at the Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in Paris. He is Vice President of the World Association for Sexual Health and Associate editor of the journal “Sexologies: European Journal of Sexology and sexual health”. He served as a full member of the International Academy of Sex Research since 1994 and also as an expert in various task force at the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the French Supreme Court (Conseil d’Etat) and the French Ministry of Health. He created and developed a University Diploma on “Sexual health and Public Health at Paris University (Paris 5 and Paris 7) (2007-2014). He served as Scientific Director at the UNESCO Chair in Sexual health and Human rights (2010-2014). He has published several books in French, English and Portuguese including: “Histories of Sexology : Between Science and Politics” (Palgrave) co-edited with Sharman Levinson (2021)