Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to do a follow-up for a Trans and Gender Diverse Patient

    • Introduction TGD follow-up consultations

    • General Points to Cover Related to Hormones, Psychological Health and Support System Review

    • Review of Blood Tests

    • Sexual Health and Intimate Relationships

    • Safety Concerns, Administrative Assistance and Referrals

    • Examination, Problem List, Plan and Conclusion

    • WPATH SOC 8 Introduction

  • 2

    Follow-up Template for Trans and Gender Diverse People

    • Template for Follow-up Consultations for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients

  • 3


    • WPATH SOC 8

  • 4

    Case Studies

    • Trans and Gender Diverse Case Study - Adult already on Gender Affirming Care

  • 5

    CPD Points

    • How to get your CPD Points

    • HPCSA Evaluation Form (Optional)

    • Contact Information & Links


Dr Elna Rudolph
Clinical Head of My Sexual Health

Dr. Elna Rudolph is a Medical Doctor and Sexologist working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine for the past ten years. She has personally treated over 5000 patients suffering with Sexual Pain. Elna is the founder and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health and She currently serves as the President of the World Organization for Sexual Health. She is an accomplished public speaker with regular appearances at events, television, and radio.