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    MSH WEBINAR: How to Become a MSH Accredited Sexual Health Provider

    • MSH Webinar: How to Become a MSH Accredited Sexual Health Provider

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    • What makes a credible sexual health provider?

    • How to Gain MSH Accreditation

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    • MSH Licensed Practices

    • The WAS Ethical Principles

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What makes a credible sexual health provider?

At MSH, we believe that all healthcare providers are sexual health providers, but not all sexual health providers are equally credible.

This is what makes a credible sexual health provider:

- Practising within the appropriate legal and ethical framework - being registered to practice in a particular country and subscribing to the WAS Ethical Principles.
- Good baseline academic knowledge about sexual health must be scientific- and rights-based, evidence- and experience-informed, culturally sensitive and clinically applicable.
- Adequate Clinical Supervision – at MSH, we attain this with multiple live engagements with senior MSH Team Members, workbooks and clinical case studies evaluation, and formal clinical group supervision.
Continued commitment to working in the context of a multidisciplinary team to make the necessary referrals and contribute to the learning of others. Commitment towards continuous learning.

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