Course curriculum

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    Beyond the Diagnosis: 2 CPD Points

    • 01 - Fertility and Pregnancy in Female Cancer Patients, Immediate Decision Making and Longterm Prospects of Cancer Survivors - Barbara Maier

    • 02 - Sexuality and Breast Cancer - Johannes Bitzer

    • 03 - Sexual Health Problems in Colorectal Cancer Patients - Thierry Almont

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    CPD Points

    • Lesson 1: Getting your CPD Points

    • Lesson 2: Your HPCSA Certificate

    • Lesson 3: Contact Details and Links

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Packed with cutting-edge insights and practical strategies, this course is your ultimate secret weapon to better serve female cancer patients and survivors.

Are you ready to level up your patient care game?

Gain a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics between cancer, fertility, sexuality, and long-term prospects, enabling you to offer personalized guidance, support, and treatment options. Expand your expertise, enhance patient outcomes, and become a trusted resource in this critical area of healthcare.

  • Barbara Maier

    Barbara Maier is a highly regarded Professor of OB/GYN at Sigmund Freud University Vienna, where she also serves as the Head of the Ethics Committee. Additionally, she holds positions as a University Professor at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and plays influential roles in prominent organisations such as the Austrian Society of Psychosomatics in Gynecology and Obstetrics, the Austrian Society of Family Planning, and the Austrian Academy of Sexual Medicine.

    With a focus on reproductive medicine, her research interests encompass critical areas such as violence against women, teenage pregnancies, abortion issues, and sexuality among women of different age groups. Her exceptional contributions have been acknowledged with the prestigious Award for Scientific Excellence from the Paracelsus Private Medical University Salzburg.

    Barbara Maier's publications in reputable journals cover a range of topics, including the consequences of the myth of infinite fertility, fetal outcomes in breech presentation, predictors of preterm delivery, and decision-making at the border of viability. Through her leadership, expertise, and commitment to ethical practices, Barbara Maier significantly shapes the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, contributing to the advancement of reproductive health.

  • Johannes Bitzer

    Prof. Johannes Bitzer, based at the University Hospital Basel Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Switzerland, is a highly accomplished expert in the field. With a diverse range of professional experience, he currently serves as the Consultant Head of Multidisciplinary Consultation in Sexual Medicine and Sexual Therapy. Previously, he held the positions of Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Head of the Division of Psychosomatic and Psychosexual Medicine at the University Hospital Basel.

    Notably, Prof. Johannes Bitzer has made significant contributions to the field through his publications. His work includes topics such as the use of testosterone therapy for women, medical and psychological treatments for female sexual dysfunction, violence against women, and the communication of sexual dysfunction between gynaecologists and patients.

  • Thierry Almont