Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pelvic Floor / Pelvic Pain Education

    • Introduction to the course

    • What and Where - the pelvic floor & surrounds

    • Pelvic floor function, Pelvic misconceptions, daily life (clothes/hygiene etc.)

    • Pain in the pelvis - directed neuroplasticity (PDF - journaling guide)

  • 2

    Pelvic Floor and Sex

    • What is ‘sex’

    • Human Sexual Response Cycles

    • Unique Sexuality - contributing factors (sociocultural)

    • Pressure and expectation - getting past it

    • Talking about sex - solo or partnered

  • 3

    Self Assessment & Treatment

    • Intro into assessing & treating self

    • Self Assessment - mind (mindfulness) & Body (postural)

    • Self Assessment - Vulva

    • Self treatment - hands off - Breath

    • Self treatment - hands off - Mobility

    • Self treatment - hands on - MFR (external)

    • Self treatment - hands on - MFR (internal) Digital & Dilator intro, wand intro

  • 4

    Putting your tools to work

    • Progressing the Dilator Part 1 (Maintaining Control)

    • Progressing the Dilator Part 2 (Handing over control)

    • Sensate Focus education

    • Move together - Breath, Mobility, MFR, Resting position - A routine (Repeat/adapt)

  • 5

    Going Forward - having a long term mindset

    • Review - (neuroscience - integrate new info)

    • Alternate forms of pleasure & Body Image

    • Having sex - positions & mindset

    • Long term - possible fluctuations cause & solution

    • Bonus Lecture: Sex shop (where to start, can its be facilitative/therapeutic )

    • thank you - end

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Quick overview of the course

If you have experienced painful penetration then this course if for you!

Is this you?

Candice's typical clients include:

  • Someone with an unconsummated marriage

  • You endure painful penetration

  • Accommodating penetration is difficult for you

  • You experience pain and that has an impact on your libido

  • You have a history of pelvic or sexual trauma

  • You experience postpartum sexual pain

  • You have to learn how to gradually return to sex

  • You are experiencing menopause related vulvovaginal pain

  • You experience anxiety when it comes to sex

Yup, that's me!

This could be the beginning of the end of your difficult journey!

Pee, Poo, Pleasure, Pain and Periods

I enjoy talking Pee, Poo, PLEASURE, Pain, Periods…and you can expect just that, open, honest & informative content. I want to address common concerns and start important conversations that are all too often ‘brushed under the rug’ (pun intended). I aim to do so in a light hearted and approachable manner where I encourage you to engage and interact as you journey through your own self discovery.

Maybe this is just the course you need to determine if you need professional help.

Be better equipped for your appointment with a professional

Who is Candice Jane Langford?

Candice Jane Langford is a UCT qualified Physiotherapist with a special interest in the niche market of pelvic and sexual health. In a world where no one talks about these supposed taboo topics, Candice is yelling from the roof tops and popping up on Instagram feeds, about everything pee, poo, pleasure, pain and period related. Her goal; to empower through education whilst encouraging a shameless narrative on her Instagram platform @nurtureyourvagina. Here she shares an abundance of information, such as her daily “Quickies” videos, and runs regular webinars and exercise classes.

When not treating patients in her Ballito practice at Health Matters or furthering her education in the trauma and psychosexual arena, Candice either has her head stuck in neuroscience resources or anything with the word “vagina” on the cover. For pleasure (excuse the pun) she enjoys heading to the beach and capturing her well known “in case you haven’t seen the sea today” snapshots after a run or throwing a punch or two at her boxing instructor. You can join in the conversations you wish you’d had growing up (and may still cringe over) by following her IG page @nurtureyourvagina or checking out her website and help Candice on her mission to break down barriers and normalise the narrative in holistic pelvic & sexual wellbeing.

Have you ever experienced painful penetration?

Then this course is for you

What you will learn:

  • Tools to manage pelvic and sexual pain

  • Refining “intimacy”

  • How to increase intimacy in the presence of pain

  • Understanding the anatomy

  • Everything you have to know about PAIN

  • Human sexual response cycles

  • Challenge beliefs about sex and intimacy

You don't have to just 'tolerate penetration'

You deserve pain free pleasure!


As far as it makes sense

  • Independent home management

  • Self assessment (with and without devices)

  • Progressing to intimacy

Reviews: Candice's online training

A doctor's take on it

Dr. Elna Rudolph

I don't know how I managed to treat over 5000 patients with Sexual Pain without referring them to this self-help course. It will change thousands of lives! If you experience pain during sex, this is for you!


by SV (Amsterdam)

I loooooved it. It was so empowering to learn more about my body and to be frank Candice is pretty spot on in her assessment of everyone coming from different backgrounds but often females are far more disconnected with their bodies. So it was really insightful.

Opened my eyes

by AP (Durban, South Africa)

LOVED IT! Learned so much and learned how to think differently about so many things. You truly opened my eyes!

No longer Taboo

by LC (Durban, South Africa)

Absolutely loved it! I’m still shocked how little I knew about my own anatomy (this is the sort of info that should be common knowledge amongst everyone), and about the fact that female sexuality/pleasure has only really been looked at so recently. Thank you for the work you are doing and the knowledge you are imparting; it’s what should be normalised, talked about openly, and not seen as taboo (thank you for making it just that).


by MS (JHB, South Africa)

Very informative and entertaining. The knowledge spilling out of you so passionately is truly remarkable! I was captivated from beginning to end.

Although I work tirelessly to break down sexual health barriers

I appreciate and acknowledge every day how difficult it can be to seek help and speak up about sexual pain let alone say the work 'sex'.

Candice the Physiotherapist

In my physiotherapy practice (in person and virtual) I assess and treat common issues and concerns relating to the pelvic & sexual health for patients of all ages, spanning through various life stages from puberty through to post-menopause. My approach is holistic and inclusive for conditions and symptoms relating to;

Pelvic Pain
Pelvic floor weakness and associated concerns
Pelvic floor tension dysfunction and associated concerns
Urinary frequency, urgency & incontinence,
Postpartum rehabilitation
Diastasis check in
Return to exercise,
Sexual pain
Genito-pelvic pain penetration disorders
Sexual Health

Talking about sex is no longer TABOO

This course is designed to empower you with education about sexual pain and to help you establish a sense of control and understanding so that you may confidently and comfortable advocate for pain free pleasurable sex as well as utilise tools to manage pain!

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