Course curriculum

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    The #1 Checklist to make perfect Sexual Pain Diagnosis

    • Why am I your Sexual Pain Coach

    • Case Study Explaining the Strategy

    • Explaining The Strategy and Framework

    • Consensus Terminology on Persistent Vulvar Pain

    • MSH Sexual Pain Diagnosis Template

    • Specific Diagnosis

    • Specifiers - All about Sex

    • Specifiers - All about the Partner

    • Specifiers - All about the Individual

    • Previous Treatment

    • Pain Specifiers

    • Vulvodynia

    • Associated Factors

    • DIY

    • Case Study

    • Word Document

    • Closing

    • MSH Superficial Sexual Pain Template (Copy-and-Paste Version)

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    CPD Points

    • Lesson 1: How to get your CPD Points

    • Lesson 2: HPCSA Evaluation

    • Lesson 3: Contact Details and Links


Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph is a Medical Doctor and Sexologist working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine for the past ten years. She has personally treated over 5000 patients suffering with Sexual Pain. Elna is the founder and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health and She currently serves as the President of the World Organization for Sexual Health. She is an accomplished public speaker with regular appearances at events, television, and radio.

The #1 Framework for Making a Perfect Sexual Pain Diagnosis

This Framework Will Enable You To Accurately Diagnose Sexual Pain In Your Very Next Consultation... Even if you're new to the subject!

I will teach you the exact framework ('checklist') we use in our practices on a daily basis to diagnose sexual pain. Here's what you'll get:
1. An 80-minute video where I explain our framework.
The video includes: The Strategy for accurate diagnosis of sexual pain.
The Tactics:
A ​Step-by-step walkthrough of where I show you how to fill in our template, and describe our process to arrive at the diagnosis.
​Real-life Case Studies to help you understand the framework.
2. A Printable Form to help you make the diagnosis.
This form includes: All the Questions that we actually ask our patients, in the order that we ask them Organized into Sections and on a single page, so that it is easy to identify the main areas of concern.

The #1 Framework for making a Perfect Sexual Pain Diagnosis + BONUS MATERIAL:


  • Printable Diagnosis 'One Pager' Template (Value $99)

  • Fully Edible Note-Taking Template compiled by Dr Elna Rudolph (Value $49)

  • Exclusive Access to a Live Q&A with Dr Elna Rudolph and the Sexology Training Club Members ($99)

  • Free Webinar Recording - Pee, Poo, Pain, Pleasure and Periods ($10)

  • Instant Access To the 80min Training Video (Value $299)

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