26 creative ideas that’ll make you want to cancel tonight’s plans!

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    How To Have More Fun In Bed

    • How To Have More Fun in Bed

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    How To Have More Fun In Bed eBook

    • How To Have More Fun in Bed eBook

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This course and ebook are designed to be a quick reference guide that you can dip into any time you’re looking for inspiration to have fun in bed.

It’s suitable for everyone of all genders - over 18. Not all tips will work for everyone. But whether you’re single, casually hooking up, or in a relationship, you’ll find something helpful here.

Part 1 is a quick overview of what fun sex is and some ideas of why you might not be having it at the moment.

Part 2 is a summary of the rules of fun sex. This is important, don’t skip it!

Part 3 is my complete A-Z of fun, sexy ideas to try.

Part 4 is my final thoughts.


Lisa Welsh
Sex Educator

Lisa is a Sex Educator who specialises in banishing shame and bedroom boredom. She is the Communications Lead for My Sexual Health, Copywriter for the World Association for Sexual Health, and Publicist for Dr Patti Britton.

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