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    MSH WEBINAR: Sex & Mindfulness - with Sue Fuller-Good

    • Sex & Mindfulness with Sue Fuller-Good

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    Contact Information - Sue Fuller-Good

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Could mindfulness enhance sexual satisfaction?

In this webinar, Sue Fuller-Good will show you that, yes, mindfulness can be helpful to keep us present during sex, therefore enhancing pleasure.

Sue Fuller-Good is a qualified Mindfulness Coach, with a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy.

She is a long-standing and highly-valued part of the MSH Team and has a lot of value to add from a sexual health perspective. Sue is the Founder and Director of Body Brilliance and recently published a book called The Sweet Spot.

In this webinar, Sue will teach us how mindfulness can enhance sexual health.

She says it’s all about increasing awareness and having an energised, vital, well-being-filled life without regrets. Now, that’s something we could all benefit from!

Here’s a taster of the questions that are covered:

- What are the first steps someone can take into mindfulness if they have never tried it?

- How can mindfulness practices like meditation and breathwork enhance one's sexual experiences?

- How can mindfulness help individuals overcome sexual insecurities and anxieties?

- Can practicing mindfulness lead to increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction?

- How can couples incorporate mindfulness into their sexual relationship?

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