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    MSH WEBINAR: What you need to know about STI's with Dr Jireh Serfontein

    • STI's with Dr Jireh Serfontein

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    Contact Information - Dr Jireh Serfontein

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Dr Jireh Serfontein

Dr Jireh Serfontein is a medical doctor with a special interest in sexual health and HIV management. She has been part of the My Sexual Health team since the very beginning and has been practicing sexual health since 2013.
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Some of the questions asked during the session

My friend would like to know?

  • How often should I get tested for an STI?

  • Is it true that some STIs have no symptoms at all?

  • If I receive treatment for an STI does that mean I can't catch it again in the future?


Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph is a Medical Doctor and Sexologist working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine for the past ten years. She has personally treated over 5000 patients suffering with Sexual Pain. Elna is the founder and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health and She currently serves as the President of the World Organization for Sexual Health. She is an accomplished public speaker with regular appearances at events, television, and radio.
  • Can I be vaccinated for all STIs?

  • My vaginal discharge is a different color than normal, does that mean I have an STI?

  • Does being on the pill protect me from STIs?

  • I’m experiencing pain during sex, does that mean I have an STI?

  • I see bumps “down there.” How do I know if it’s just an ingrown hair or something serious, like herpes?

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