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    What Men Want To Know with Neels van Jaarsveld and Dr Rudolph

    • What Men Want To Know with Neels van Jaarsveld and Dr Rudolph


Neels van Jaarsveld

Neels van Jaarsveld is an actor, film director, and producer. The exceptional way he delivers his roles in movies and television shows has won him a place in many entertainment lovers' hearts. Despite his busy acting career, Neels van Jaarsveld hobbies include surfing and playing golf. He also enjoys taking a walk with his dog.

Some of the questions asked during the session

My friend would like to know?

  • I have always wanted an honest answer about this... does size matter?

  • I feel worried about taking too long to ejaculate. Is that normal?

  • When I'm stressed I struggle to get an erection. Is there some way we can still have fun?

  • Is there a magic pill I can take to stop myself from ejaculating too fast?


Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph is a Medical Doctor and Sexologist working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine for the past ten years. She has personally treated over 5000 patients suffering with Sexual Pain. Elna is the founder and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health and She currently serves as the President of the World Organization for Sexual Health. She is an accomplished public speaker with regular appearances at events, television, and radio.
  • I'd like to try prostate massage. Is it safe to explore?

  • Are there any sex toys for men?

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