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Some of the questions asked during the session

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  • Minki: "I have been on the pill since I was 15 years old. Most recently Dianne. I suspected that I caused depression in me, so I stopped it and I feel like a new person. Unfortunately I now have a very oily skin with pimples all over, getting hair in places where I don’t want it and excessive sweating. Is there a way that I can treat this without going onto the pill? I would actually like to fall pregnant soon…"

    Dr. Elna:...

  • Minki: "Dear Dr Elna, my friend wants to know how to increase her husband's sex drive as it feels like she's always the one making the first move?"

    She is also asking how often, on average, should a couple be intimate on a weekly basis as well as on a monthly basis? They have very little sex and she feels like their sex life is lacking. He also struggles with getting aroused and when he does, he struggles with maintaining his erection.

  • Minki: "Dear Dr Elna, my friend's question concerns Erectile Dysfunction and how to deal with it.

    They're in a committed relationship (not married), and her boyfriend has experienced Erectile Dysfunction from early on in their relationship. She knows that it is caused by stress and adrenal fatigue, which then led to his DHEA and testosterone levels being significantly affected. He has been to a GP who prescribed medication for him, but it does not alleviate his struggle with Erectile Dysfunction. How could I bring this up without hurting his ego?

Questions you didn't even know you had.

  • Minki: "Dear Dr Elna, my friend wants to know how to gently bring up the matter of her partner having low testosterone as they have not spoken about any of it since he learnt that he is struggling with low testosterone."

    It has really affected their relationship as there is no physical intimacy and no sex life within the relationship. Another concern is that the subject has never been discussed or brought up in a conversation between the two of them. She fears that, if she discusses the matter with her partner, he might perceive it as her trying to attack his honour and dignity. Would there be a way to gently bring up the topic in a way so that he would feel comfortable talking about it, without him feeling inadequate with the matter discussed?

  • Minki: "Dear Dr Elna, my friend and her husband have been married for 11 years and they do not look each other in the eyes while having sex."

    Would there be any resolution on the matter? If so, could you please explain how?

  • Minki: "Dear Dr Elna, my friend has found her husband looking at extreme bondage photos and has also bought sex toys used in bondage, which she then disposed of immediately."

    Her husband also attempts to use her anus for pleasure, which she really hates. She has discussed this with him but to no avail. Every now and then he still tries to involve her anus. Is there any way she can manage the situation without damaging their relationship?

  • Dear Dr Elna, my friend wants to know: when you give your partner oral sex days before your menstruation, during menstruation, or sometimes just after menstruation have stopped, is it normal for your partner to get a rash/infection afterwards of you giving him oral sex. Thinking it's something to do with a person's PH balance."

How to introduce sex toys without damaging his ego?