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    Sensual Massage Webinar

    • Sensual Massage Webinar with Tracy Ziman Jacobs

Some of the questions asked during the session

Maybe your question has already been asked and answered.

  • How does sensual massage differ from a normal massage?

  • What’s the difference between sexual intimacy and physical intimacy?

  • What can Sensual Massage do for your relationship?

  • What is the Parasympathetic nervous system and what is it responsible for?

  • What is tantric massage?

Date night is used as the seductive phase of sensual massage.

However, not every date night needs to end with a sensual massage.

Additional products

Introducing the idea of tantric massage. Tantric massage includes the massage of the genitals.

  • What product is best to use for SM?

  • How long should the massage take?

  • Do I have to be fully naked?

  • Does there have to be sex during or after the massage?

  • On what does the massage take place?

How Tracy got into Intimacy Coaching

From her experience working with couples and families, she realized that people have a strong pull towards the romantic notion that ‘love will conquer all and that the soul is always searching for peace with its other half. Based on these notions, Tracy strives to reconnect couples using modern day techniques from all fields of psychological and spiritual sources as a means of moving clients towards action.