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Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, Sexologists, etc.

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    Sexual Pain Training - by Dr. Elna Rudolph

    • The story behind the My Sexual Health Team and how we became the go-to place for Sexual Pain Treatment.

  • 2

    The value of a multidisciplinary team and the 101 on all the definitions

    • The approach we follow - get the bigger picture before we delve into the detail.

    • How on earth do you make sense of all of those definitions?

  • 3

    Top notch history taking and clinical examination

    • If you take a proper HISTORY, you can usually, already make the diagnosis - here is how to do it:

    • Clinical Examination: How to NOT tell a patient "there is nothing physically wrong with you"

    • Clinical Examination: How to NOT tell a patient "there is nothing physically wrong with you"

  • 4

    Documenting your Diagnosis: Look like a pro and get pro results

    • Documenting Your Diagnosis is EVERYTHING! It is NOT a one-liner. I have a template for you!

    • Literally EVERYTHING you need to know about Vaginal Dilators.

  • 5

    "It hurts right at the opening." You have to know EVERYTHING about this!

    • The academics of Provoked Vestibulodynia - the most common cause for superficial sexual pain in our clinic.

    • Let me show you how to treat Provoked Vestibulodynia - it will change lives, I promise you!

  • 6

    Vaginismus is treatable!

    • Vaginismus - can a respected clinician still use the term? If you do, how do you effectively help the patient?

    • How to use Botox for the treatment of Sexual Pain. Doctors, watch out! Do not reach straight for the needle, but keep this option in mind.

  • 7

    Modern Day Medical Dilators - it works like a bomb for so much more than just Vaginismus!

    • Literally EVERYTHING you need to know about Medical Dilators.

  • 8

    Bonus section: Basic Sensate Focus Therapy

    • Sensate Focus Therapy - You need to know how to get couples to go from no sex or painful sex, to good sex. It is a process and this technique works well!

    • MSH SPT Sensate Focus PDF

    • MSH Sexual Pain Diagnosis Template

  • 9

    CPD Points

    • Lessons 1: How to get your CPD Points

    • Lesson 2: HPCSA Evaluation form

    • Lesson 3: Contact Details and Links

Become that go-to person in your area!

Be the Physiotherapist, Gynaecologist, GP or Psychotherapist who has an edge over your colleagues because you KNOW how to treat Sexual Pain.

Being able to treat patients with Sexual Pain effectively and sympathetically will be one of the biggest assets in your career! You might just find that it is the most rewarding part of your practice. I have been doing it for ten years and in this course I dive deep into the science of treating sexual pain, but I also guide you through all of the softer skills and share my passion and expertise with you in a practical way. Any fool can make a matter seem complicated. It takes true insight to make a complicated matter seem simple. That is what I will do for you during this training. Give it go!

Hi there! I am Dr. Elna Rudolph.

I am a Medical Doctor and Sexologist working exclusively in the field of Sexual Medicine for the past ten years. I have treated over 5000 patients with Sexual Pain.

Advanced Training in Sexual Pain Management

Regardless of your level of experience, after this, you will know how to diagnose and treat even the most complicated patients with Sexual Pain.

In line with international research, My Sexual Health (MSH) uses a multidisciplinary team approach for the treatment of Sexual Pain. This is a training in advanced Sexual Pain Management from the perspective of the MSH Multidisciplinary Team – all of the inside info and practical advice you need to be able to diagnose and treat even the most complicated patient with sexual pain.

Making the CORRECT DIAGNOSIS is everything!

I will teach you how to make the correct diagnosis, in all its potential complexities, and then show you how every component can be treated by using a few easy steps.

There are many words to describe sexual pain: Dyspareunia, Provoked Vestibulodynia, Vulvodynia, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Vaginismus, Penetration Disorders - they all mean very little if you don’t make the correct diagnosis for the CAUSE OF THE PAIN and then on develop an effective INDIVIDUALISED TREATMENT PLAN for each patient.

Want to join the My Sexual Health TEAM?

This course is compulsory for any member of the MSH Team. This is the stuff I teach my team! This is the stuff we have taught each other over the past ten years. Surely, you can learn from it!

Put together, in 2021, the MSH Team members have 550 years' experience in providing Sexual Health Services! We have treated well over 10 000 patients with sexual pain and have sold over 5000 units of vaginal dilators through MSH Shop. We have been attending monthly multidisciplinary team meetings for over ten years and have presented our data at international conferences. We are dedicated to and passionate about the treatment of Sexual Pain!

What will you get from this course?

You will go from "I wish I knew how to help this person" or "argh, not another pain patient" to "these are the reasons for your pain and this is how I can help you - I know exactly what to suggest for you!"

The MSH SEXUAL PAIN DIAGNOSIS TEMPLATE will take you from not knowing where to start and how to make sense of all of the possible causes and contributing factors to a place where you have a crystal clear picture of this patient's unique situation. The easy to follow treatment plans will also take the uncertainty and hopelessness out of the situation for both you and your patient.

I have dedicated my life to Sexual Health.

I am the President of the 25th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). I am also the President-Elect of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and the Regional Secretary for Africa on Advisory Committee of WAS. I started a Masters’ Degree in Sexual Health through the University of Sydney when I was still a medical intern, because I have always been passionate about the plight of women. I knew I will have to go study abroad to learn how to really help women. I have since obtained many qualifications, read unhealthy amounts of research papers, and attended countless international conferences where I make a fool of myself and keep on harassing the world experts until I have all my questions answered. Today, they are my friends, and I can teach you what all of us have learned over the years in a six-hour course.

Included in the course

Training that will help you for years to come

  • 360 minutes of video content

    Dr. Elna Rudolph is a very experienced and entertaining academic speaker. You can enjoy 6 hours of well structured, well researched, expert content from a presenter loved by audiences all around the world.

  • All the slide shows

    All the academic content is available on the presentation slide show, made available to you in PDF format. Save it on your personal computer, so you can always have access to it.

  • Checklists

    Practical lists that you can print and keep at hand for your next consultation. Making it easier for you to implement what you have learned. The most important checklist that is included is the MSH SEXUAL PAIN DIAGNOSIS TEMPLATE - one of the most valuable documents you will ever download!

I am the clinical head of My Sexual Health.

We are a team of 45 Sexual Healthcare Providers. Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists and all kinds of experts from all over Southern Africa - all working together to improve the Sexual Health of our patients.

Upskill yourself...

6 Hours of video material, checklists, downloadable PDF's and the slide shows are all included in the course

  • How to do proper history taking - including check lists

  • Documenting your diagnosis - including a free template

  • All the right jargon

  • All the skills you need to work in a multidisciplinary team

  • Patient Information Pamphlets

Using Vaginal Dilators and Botox to treat Sexual Pain

What exactly is it? How can it be used? Anyone can learn to do it!

Vaginal Dilators play a vital role in the treatment process of most of our Sexual Pain patients - you have to know EXACTLY how to teach a patient to use them. I will teach you all of the tips and techniques and run through all of the trouble shooting you need to help even the most complex vaginismus patient you can think of! We sometimes also use Botox as an additional treatment and part of our holistic approach. I will show you how to do it!

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