Course curriculum

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    Definition of Small Penis Syndrome

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    Prevalence of Small Penis Syndrome

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  • 3

    Why is Small Penis Syndrome a problem?

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    Treatment and Cases

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    Small Penis by Hester Pastoor - Slides

    • Small Penis by Hester Pastoor

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    CPD Points

    • Lesson: How to get your CPD Points

    • Lesson 2: HPCSA Evaluation Form

    • Lesson 3: Contact Details and Links

More About Hester Pastoor

Hester Pastoor, MSc, graduated in 2000 in 2 psychological masters Clinical & Health Psychology and Personality Psychology at University of Leiden the Netherlands. In 2003 she graduated at Leuven University in Belgium with a master of Sexology and at the same university in 2009 with a postgraduate study in Systemic Psychotherapy.

Since 2004 she is registered as a sexologist with the Dutch Scientific Society of Sexology (ECPS in 2014). In 2010 she registered as a systemic therapist with the Dutch Society for Relationship and Family Therapy and in 2012 as a psychotherapist with the Dutch Council.

Since 2000 she is working in clinical sexology and sexual medicine; since 2007 at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam the Netherlands. There she works as a clinical sexologist, teacher and a PhD student on sexual function of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In 2019 she also graduated with a master in Clinical Epidemiology at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Finally, she is program director and senior lecturer of the 2-year Sexology training program in Amsterdam, co-director of the ESSM School & Advance Course and past-president of the Dutch Scientific Society of Sexology.